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A relaxing concept: QUALITY NIGHTS

To utilise synergy effects is a proven principle at KUBIVENT. This especially concerns all optimisations resulting from the medical-therapeutic sector of the company for the health- and wellness oriented product range. KUBIVENT also convinces in the market for non-prescription products with fresh ideas and innovative concepts, benefiting allergy sufferers as well as people attaching importance to optimal bed hygiene.
Our new offer “Quality Nights” is directed to everyone wishing to spend a good night based on natural concepts.

Aloe vera means: anti-septic, hypoallergenic and super-soft for the skin.

In the mattresses, it is the viscofoam pad that is yielding, yet keeps it shape very well, which is provided with the extract of aloe vera. The pillows consist entirely of viscofoam provided with aloe vera.

KUBIVENT Aloa Comfort

It is the viscofoam pad that is noticeably yielding, yet firm and keeps its shape very well that characterises this mattress. A miracle of skin-friendliness. It is not only patients with neurodermitiis who benefit from the anti-septic effect of the aloe vera.

KUBIVENT Alverana pillow

Feel the beneficial effect of the aloe vera which characterises our pillow that is suitable for allergy sufferers!

KUBIVENT Alvera Neck

Viscofoam neck pillow with aloe vera extract.

Mauve means: Soothing and gentle to the skin.

A sensational ergonomic elasticity strikes a sensible alliance with the anti-inflammatory characteristics of mauve. Since ancient times, the mauve extract has proven itself as a soothing and relieving agent, which has a particularly pleasant and cooling effect on the skin. We have combined this beneficial effect with highly durable polyurethane foam.


Our ‘naturally’ formed pillow provides the advantage of extremely elastic, super soft and simultaneously supporting foam for a relaxed head  and neck position. The mauve extract ensures a soothing, particularly skin-friendly effect.

KUBIVENT Malva Smooth

The slumber pillow in XL-size is an example of versatility, which flexibly ‘cuddles’ into every reclining position – side, back or stomach. The mauve protects your sleep and has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract. Healthy slumber the natural way!


This neck pillow ensures the anatomically correct relief for the neck. Experience, how the special climate holes together with the cooling effect of the mauve provide the pleasant feeling of interior airing and prevent perspiration.

KUBIVENT-Covers: Antiseptic – Probiotic – Anti-allergic.

With the silver thread for the anti-bacterial mattress

Even grandmother knew that silver has an anti-bacterial effect. Research has confirmed that silver atoms constantly emit silver ions, which destroy the cell walls of microorganisms. We have equipped our cover with the natural antiseptic silver according to the latest technology. This prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin and thus the development of unpleasant odours and achieves positive dermatological effects, such as in case of neurodermatitis.

With probiotic design for a clean sleep

Our probiotic cover permits the growth of a natural micro-flora, which neutralises house-dust mite allergens and suppresses harmful bacteria. Without these bacteria the house-dust mites have no nutrition base. Count on the clever way of preventing bacteria, house-dust mites and mildew!