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A relaxing concept: QUALITY NIGHTS

To utilise synergy effects is a proven principle at KUBIVENT. This especially concerns all optimisations resulting from the medical-therapeutic sector of the company for the health- and wellness oriented product range. KUBIVENT also convinces in the market for non-prescription products with fresh ideas and innovative concepts, benefiting allergy sufferers as well as people attaching importance to optimal bed hygiene.
Our new offer “Quality Nights” is directed to everyone wishing to spend a good night based on natural concepts.


Which is the right mattress for me?

A mattress literally has to ‘fit’ your body if it is to ensure healthy sleep.  There are a few rules which you should generally follow when choosing a mattress.


Extra “support” provides the perfect choice

The right pillow is vital for healthy sleep. The most important factor is that the head should never lie in a crooked position. The spine should be straight, ‘from head to toe’.