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The right pillow is vital for healthy sleep. The most important factor is that the head should never lie in a crooked position. The spine should be straight, ‘from head to toe’.

KUBIVENT has a product range with all sorts of solutions for this, such as neck cushions, which also ensure an optimal micro-climate.

In addition to offering products that promote healthy sleep, we also have a Backline range that provides additional support for the spine during the day. If you sit for long periods of time at work, you can counterbalance this with our special supporting seat cushion or relax with our foam cube designed to relieve pressure from your spine. If you sleep on your side, you can benefit from our specially designed cushion which contributes to restful sleep.
The fact is, KUBIVENT has a lot to offer anyone who wants to rediscover the feeling of waking up healthy, alert and full of energy for the day ahead.